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Chad and Jenna Dietz

In late 2013, we originally purchased Skivy’s Uptown Tanning and have since worked tirelessly together to re-brand the business into the unique vision of The Boardwalk. Moving to our newly renovated and redesigned industrial space in 2014 has launched the movement of The Boardwalk to provide premium services, apparel and accessories at affordable prices, while also focusing on ways to give back to the community both locally and globally. With a focus on offering socially responsible shopping within the store, we aim to impact the world across all borders in the ways we can.

With years of experience behind us both, we continue to work in our careers in Health Care helping people at their hardest times, while enjoying seeing the clients at their best times. Putting smiles on faces and warmth in hearts is what we enjoy the most. The Boardwalk isn’t just a business to us, it is a family and a community. We work hard to bring our love of helping others, the outdoors and our passion for play and adventure to the essence of The Boardwalk’s vibe. In either capacity, we both work hard as a team to bring our passion and vision to The Boardwalk.


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